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I was born in the far warm southern island of Italy, in Sicily where life is comfortable, people are hospitable, and tradition is a large part of our culture. We love food, spend time with friends, family, enjoying the weather and beautiful places this island has to offer.
I am specialised in coaching and sport environment. I moved to London, where I currently live, at the age of 23 yo, where I was able to transform my life around and have a different world perspective. Being a Londoner changed me completely, here was when I started to travel, and here is when I realised my real passion for travelling. I explored many places such as Peru, Costa Rica, Bali and many other all around Europe.
I am a positive person; I like to have a resourceful mindset and be optimistic about the future.
My mission is to inspire people through travelling, recommending destination but also coaching on how to build a travel blog from scratch. I have been through different online education in past years allowing me to have a piece of knowledge on how to start a website from scratch. 
Authenticity and uniqueness is key in the travel world! There is a lot to explore, places to go and roads to drive!
Take the community to heart, experiencing freedom for travelling and sharing it can make a significant change in people’s travels and life. Share your: PASSION, MOTIVATION, YOUR TRAVEL PLANNINGS, Your ACTIVITIES and POSITIVITY, Your MINDSET. Follow below our Facebook page.
Put some effort and time in bonding within the community and take inspiration for your trip.
What is your MISSION? Why you TRAVEL?
Connecting with this community of people who share my same passion and values for travelling, help me understand the importance of know other culture around the world!
Theo & Travel As You Want

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