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How are you — Mirëmëngjes

Good evening — Mirëmbrëma

Thank you — Faleminderit

I approached Albania on the ferry from Corfu, Albania is a Muslim country, not part of Europe, is very cheap and affordable.

If you spent a long holiday, you better buy a SIM card for your phone.

Also, most of the Albanian people don’t speak English, so conversation sometimes can be awkward in some cases. But I found a Vodafone place right in front of the port. An Albanian SIM card costs about 12 Euro.

Be careful: Taxis will approach you asking for rides but in Sarandë every place, hotel or hostel is like 10 min max by foot.

I spent two nights at Hasta La Vista Hostel; it was a brand new hostel, tidy, clean, young staff and super friendly.

I joined some a group at the hostel and went lunch at a traditional local restaurant called Te Bequa : I had casserole and meat with vegetables, delicious! Food in Albania is so delicious; it’s as if your grandmama would cook for you every time you went to see her 😀 but especially cheap.

After lunch, we headed to Mirror Beach

Here is a nice rocky beach – it can get overcrowded but on the way to the beach, there’s a really beautiful panorama of a lake surrounded by mountains.

To get there, take the bus from the city centre. It takes about 20/25 min, asks the driver to drop you close to Mirror Beach so you can walk up.

You can buy tickets on the bus for 100 LEK which is less than 1 Euro.

After a long day at the beach, we came back to the hostel spent some time talking with travellers, had a few beers and went for a night out.
Nightlife in Sarandë is surprisingly eventful!

Go strolling around the city centre, have drinks and choose a favourite restaurant for dinner, there are plenty of choices all of them offer fresh fish and traditional Albanian food.

One cool club I liked for music and dancing you can go to is Orange.

My second day me and 2 Dutch girls from the Hostel, Miriam and Nika, we went exploring the Blue Eye.

Entrance costs 100 LEK.

Blue Eye is a water spring and natural phenomenon. It’s a popular tourist attraction, with many coming to see the clear blue water bubbling up from a depth of more than fifty metres. Divers have descended to fifty metres, but it is still unclear what the actual bottom of the hole is.

N.B: It can be overcrowded, especially in high season.

We walked around and hiked up to the rocky hill, found a sweet hidden spot and spent about 3 hours just talking, singing and playing the ukulele.

It was such a warm & happy day!

Do you want to do something FUN?

Make a jump in the Blue Eye (from a height of about 5 metres!) before you leave! And swim for about 100 meters downstream following the strong current that takes you all the way downstream to a restaurant where get out.

IT IS A breathtaking experience!

If you go, you MUST TRY 🙂

The day after I left Sarandë and Headed to Vlorë.

Ticket price is 1000 LEK – Duration 3 and a half hours.

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