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Tirana — Better by bike

Tirana is Albania’s Capital City.



How are you — Mirëmëngjes

Good evening — Mirëmbrëma

Thank you — Faleminderit


I spent two nights at Mosaic Hostel

The staff at the hostel were amiable. Melissa, the receptionist, always helped me out with everything I needed.

Tirana gets extremely hot in August. I was sweating all day long so to warn you: carry water and bring a hat with you- this is a must!

What I loved about Tirana was the view from the highest part of the city. I was surprised how well organised the city is for cyclists: there are cycle paths pretty much everywhere you go.

One thing you can do is hire a bike from your hostel. At my hostel, a good mountain bike could be rented for 500 LEK all day.

With all that said, here are some top recommendations for Tirana:

  • Explore the historic city centre by bike;
  • If you have time, go up to the Dajti Mountain;
  • For the best view of the city go to Lapidario (by bike for a good workout);



  • Radio Bar;
  • Nouvelle Vague;
  • Tribeca;
  • Komiteti;
  • Kino;
  • Izzy living;
  • Silver Spoon;
  • Hemingway

All of these are bars and pubs frequented by locals which not many tourists know about. I happened across Radio Bar By chance. I was the only tourist in there, plus the girl behind the bar couldn’t even speak English, but I love finding these kinds of places where you get a better understanding of the culture and lifestyle in other countries.

I had lunch at Teg Zagara e Tirones: with 10 Euro, I had a big Albanian lunch composed of meat, salad and some house speciality – just so yummy!

It was time for me to change the country and the morning after I left Albania in the direction of Montenegro. 

You can take the bus from Tirana to Montenegro easily from a bus station. If you stay at the same hostel as me, it is about a 15-minute walk to this station.

 To warn you, I did not have a great experience at this bus station.

TIP: buy the ticket directly at the station. 

The ticket I bought online was useless, nobody could recognise it. The bus wasn’t there at the time, and they kept sending me from office to office. It was hard to communicate, and I ended up rebuying another ticket.

Fortunately, I had a refund days later.

If you happen to depart from this International bus station in Tirana, buy a ticket at the station and NOT online!

The bus will take you to Podgorica from Tirana in about 5 hours.

It is a long journey, so make sure you have some music or a book to read unless you fall asleep 😉

Approaching Montenegro….

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