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Sarajevo — Bosnia and Herzegovina


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Did you know? At one point there were more than 200 fountains spread all around Sarajevo, now you have just one which is the symbol of the city.

THE LEGEND SAYS…people who drink from the remaining fountain in the central plaza will come back again in the city sooner or later.

Sarajevo is called the Jerusalem of Europe because there are 4 Main religious buildings within 300m of each other in the centre: an Islamic mosque, a Catholic Church, a Jewish synagogue, and an Orthodox Christian church. 

This is where the first world war started after Franz Ferdinand was killed. 


The bus journey from Kotor to Sarajevo was one of the longest of my entire trip. It’s a night bus, and my departure time was at 9 pm I arrived in Sarajevo at 6 am. So long! Make sure you have a jacket to wear during the night, some food, a book, music and portable charger Anker 

I spent two nights in Sarajevo, exploring the city.

This city is a must-visit; in my opinion, there is just so much history. Here is why I booked a FREE tour for the day after. I won’t write about all the history of the city here, but the city has been heavily influenced by the war and is just beginning to open up more to people and tourism.

In 2 days you can do quite a lot: visit the main sights, get to know about the history, walk around the city and especially drink the typical Bosnia & Herzegovinan coffee, which is a highly respected tradition, they drink coffee everyday everywhere! It is also strong coffee, as they put a big scoop of ground coffee at the bottom of the cup before filtering it and repeat the process three times.

The coffee story is fascinating

You will see that most of the shops sell coffee, cups and pots. I loved this tradition and spending hours drinking coffee seated on a  pillow on the floor in a relaxed cafe around Sarajevo.

(I was told that “in the past” it was traditional for the youngest member of the family to ground the coffee every day for the other family members).

Keep walking around and go to the top of Yellow Fortress for a stunning view! Once at the top of this fortress, enjoy a 360 view of Sarajevo, you’ve got to take a photo! Beautiful.

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