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Dubrovnik, the pearl of the Adriatic. What a city it is!


This city amazed me, and you have to explore.

Just a little warning though, it is bloody expensive, especially at the peak of high season in summer.

We arrived in the late afternoon and checked into an apartment which we found on (but this specific apartment had no air conditioning, and the beds were pretty uncomfortable – so I won’t recommend it!). We headed straight off to the Old Town for dinner. It is so atmospheric at night, with the massive 16th century stone walls and labyrinthine streets all lit up. I loved the fact that there are no cars and you can walk around freely.

We had a pizza at Tabasco Pizzeria, a great place with yummy pizzas and reasonable prices.

That was it for the first night. The day after, we spent almost all day exploring the Old Town.  My top recommendation is to walk around the city Walls– even though this is quite expensive, it’s worth it. Go when the sun goes down as it gets boiling up there!

Book a Free Walking Tour: you get to know a lot about the city and get a better sense of orientation. On top of that, it is an excellent opportunity to meet people and make friends. Check here.

Dubrovnik is VERY popular as the location where Game of Thrones was filmed. Lots of the buildings and landmarks, such as the steps where the Cersei character did her ‘walk of shame’, were made famous by the TV series.

We visited some interesting corners of Dubrovnik, such as the old synagogue.

In the evening, we took some beers and ice cream and went to sit on the old wall facing the sea, watching the ships in the night and listening to live music.

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