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Split, Croatia


I got the bus in the early morning from Mostar bus station, even here guys do not buy the ticket on the internet buy at the station because sometimes buses are late or even worse don’t pass at all. So avoid the refund email that you have to send in case you have to re-buy the tickets as I did. I happened to be with some Australian people all with the same problem, waiting hours for a bus that never came, so we had to buy tickets for and take another bus.

With all that said, the journey from Mostar to Split in Croatia was smooth apart from the border security control, which is very slow. They even got me off the bus. They searched all my stuff from my bags in a random check, and I was the only person to be raided haha but everything was fine, of course! No alcohol, no drugs 🙂I finally made it to Split after 4-5 hours on the road.

We spent the day walking around Stobrec, a cute village very close to Split but less touristy and crowded. In the night we went into Split for a few drinks and explored the Old Town in the night, which we loved!

The day after, we hired a car (a little white Toyota) and drove to  Krka National Park, where we stopped and had a swim. This place is an amazing national park, very well maintained, is a must-see if you travel in Split, the waterfalls are just stunning!

Ticket fee: 200kn (around £40 per person) “High Season.”

The only problem of this park in August is that it’s just way too overcrowded & expensive. Better at another time of the year.

After exploring the waterfalls, we drove back (stopping off in small villages on the way, like Grebastica, Primosten and Trogir – which is the great thing about having the car!) and had dinner at Pizzeria Orbis at the beachfront in Stobrec.

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