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Ston & Mljet Island

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Once in Ston, we checked-in at KUĆA SORGETO, which is next to a yummy restaurant of the same name (Sorgeto). As a guest of the apartment, we had a discount on lunches & dinner. After leaving our bags, we headed to Prapatno Beach.

Unfortunately, if you don’t have a car or motorbike is very difficult to explore this little village, as there are not many buses.

Luckily the guy from the restaurant offered us a lift to the beach and also promised us to pick us up in the evening, how nice was that!


We ended our day walking around the old town, going up to the City Walls, (definitely a MUST if you travel around Ston!) and had dinner.

Try Croatian Premium quality house wine, a speciality of this village. 

The day after, at 6 am, we were ready for our day trip to Mljet Island, an island close to Ston. Renato, our driver, dropped us at the ferry very early, at 7 am we arrived at the port on Mljet. Early mornings in summer are the best to avoid the heat and see the sunrise – especially in the Balkans as you are surrounded by mountains all the time, it’s incredible!

In Mljet, there is an amazing National Park.  If you go for a day trip like we did, this is another place you can’t miss on the island, but you will need a car. You can rent a car at the ferry port. It is very cheap for the day and its better rent a car than a motor scooter because there’s a long distance to cover.

It takes about 35-40 minutes from the port to the National Park, the scenery around while driving is so beautiful!

It is such a great experience! Pure fun.

The island’s top attraction is the National Park, but if you have more time to explore, there are many hidden beach spots which are worth a visit. Just make sure to get the ferry back (if you ever want to go back XD) because there are only two ferries per day, so if you miss it, you’ll need to spend the night on the island.

We went back to Ston, picked up our bags, and got a lift from one of Renato’s friends to Dubrovnik for a low price.

Renato was a very relaxed and funny guy – such a character! We were lucky to meet him as he told us a lot about the culture and traditions of his country, plus he helped us a lot during our stay in Ston.

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