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Virpazar — Montenegro



How are you — Kako si

Goodbye — Dovidenja

Thank you — Hvala

You’re welcome — Molim (or Nema na cemu)

See you later — Vidimo se  

I am crossing into Montenegro from Albania, everything change: people, food, traditions. One thing I noticed is that people from Montenegro, Bosnia and Croatia are a bit grumpy in the way they behave, talking or helping tourists compared to Albanian people. I might have just met a few arrogant individuals but later realised that everybody had this ‘rude’ behaviour. It seems like not smiling and not being very welcoming is a cultural thing: I’m not sure is something about the past war, but sometimes it wasn’t that nice.

I decided to spend a few days in a cute village in the mountains called Virpazar.


I arrived and checked in at Delightful Studio Sara. 

This is a lovely apartment right in the centre of the village.

Virpazar has a lot to offer, and I loved being here. It was a relaxing and peaceful place. 

Here’s what you can do:

  • Go walking/hiking up to the small beach (about 10km round trip); you need water & a nice pair of shoes. The panorama is just STUNNING! 

  • Go for a boat tour that does a big loop of the lake and little islands around.
  • Spend some time exploring the village, and it has a cute bridge and a few excellent restaurants;

TRANSPORT TIP: There are no buses direct to Budva from Virpazar.  If you’re going to Budva after, get the bus to Sutomore and switch bus to Budva there. Buses pass by Virpazar every hour, and sometimes they are very delayed — be patient and allow plenty of time.

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